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Mauwe was formed out of a combination of serendipity and fate. The two members, Jay and Portia, had been in and around each other's lives for years, having played the same gig at the age of 15, worked in the same restaurant in Stratford Upon Avon, and coincidentally moved to Bristol around the same time to pursue music. After a chance encounter in a bar, they vowed to jam and formed Mauwe very quickly afterwards.

Whether you believe that everything happens for a reason, or just think that the world is a giant lottery draw, it is near impossible to argue that this amazing story of chance encounters hasn’t lead to something fresh, pure and exciting.

Everyone knows that cathartic space after a relationship when the madness is all over and you've had time to think clearly and reflect on the whole thingMauwe assert, “That’s All is about a beautiful kind of relief, in which you can finally think about a person and not tie any kind of intense emotion to them.

That’s All sounds distinctly transatlantic. The sun-drenched LA synth lines sit behind beautifully simplistic vocal melodies that are reminiscent of The xx, but significantly more memorable. Mauwe’s uniqueness lies in tapping sonically into that world of laid back electronica, but adding an emotional weight lyrically that keeps you coming back.

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